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Anthony Zecca - Lead (Staff) Trainer

Anthony Zecca

Anthony Zeeca

Tampa, FL

Contact: 813-961-0595 Gym or 813-789-1640 Cell
Email Me
Instagram: @a_zman7

About Me:
Physical, Mental, Spiritual.
I believe in promoting health and wellness on every level!
I consider myself a life coach and a teacher.
I not only want you to have the BEST version of yourself possible, I want to teach and give YOU the tools necessary to carry with you through life!
Health is not a FAD, this is a LIFESTYLE.
Whether it's your first time in the gym, or you want to reach the next level, or you are prepping for a show and everywhere in between, I am here to serve YOU! Together we will help you achieve your dreams.

Jason Sinatra - Independent Trainer

Jason Sinatra

Tampa, FL

Contact: 408-472-6938
Website: NattyMuscle
Email Me
Instagram: @jaysinatra

About Me:
Jason Sinatra is from San Jose, California and now lives in Tampa Bay Florida. Sinatra is a independent personal trainer working out of POWERHOUSE GYM NORTH TAMPA his clients include fitness competitors, athletes, and everyday people. Sinatra works with each on an individual basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. He is widely recognized for his expertise in functional training and his commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness techniques. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Sinatra dynamic approach, boundless energy and humor only add to the effectiveness of the experience his clients enjoy. With a client list as diverse as his training methods, Sinatra emphasizes strength training modalities that can be transferred from the gym to daily life, from training camp to championship games.